Madhumardan tablet is a safe and effective adjuvant for Diabetes Mellitus with a combination of 32 natural herbal ingredients. It activates pancreatic cells to release sufficient quantity of Insulin in the body system to control blood sugar within the physiological level.

It regulates irregular/ more frequent micturition, fights weakness and makes the patient feel active and energetic.


Common Name Other Names
 Jamun       Syzygium Cumini
 Chirayata  Swertia Chirata
 Karela  Bitter Gourd / Momordia Charantia
 Tulsi  Ocimum Sanctum
 Haritaki  Terminalia Chebula
 Amla  Emblica Officinalis
 Moti  Purified Pearls
 Methi  Trigonella Foenum Graecum
 Shilajit (Purified)  Mineral Pitch
 Kaiphal  Myrica esculenta
 Kalijiri  Centratherum Anthelminticum
 Neem  Azadirachta Indica    
 Haridra  Haldi / Curcuma Longa
 Baheda  Terminalia Belerica
 Adusa  Adhatoda Vasica
 Yastimadhu     Liquorice / Glycerrhiza Glabra
 Pushkarmool  Inula Racemosa
 Sounth  Ginger / Zingiber Officinale
 Kalimirchi                                     Marich / Black Pepper/ Piper Nigrum 
 Musta  Nut Grass/Cyperus Rotundus
 Pudina      Mentha Spicata
 Revendchini  Rhem Emodi
 Dhawai  Woodfordia Fruticosa
 Gurmar  Gymnema Sylvestre
 Kapikachu  Mucuna Prurita
 Gokhru  Gokshura / Tribulus Terrestris
 Chaksu  Cassia Absus
 Ratanpurush  Ionidium Enncaspermin
 Guar Gum  Cymopsis Tetragonocoba
 Sandal Wood  Santalum Album
 Aawartaki  Helicteres isora
 Hazardana  Phyllanthus niruri 

1-2 tablets twice daily, 30 -45 minutes before meals or as directed by the Physician

60 Tablets & 1000 Tablets


Diabetes Mellitus, Hyper-Glycameia


  • Madhumardan acts as an appetizer, Liver stimulant and as a mild laxative
  • It corrects glucose metabolism, helps in digestion and expels gas formations
  • It acts on the Cardio Vascular system as a heart tonic and arrests bleeding
  • It checks thirst, gives a cooling effect and subsides fever
  • The ingredients of Madhumardan acts on the Skin as blood purifier, anti-inflammatory and wound healer
  • It acts on the respiratory system as an expectorant and anti asthmatic
  • Madhumardan acts on nervous system as a brain tonic, reduces pain, antispasmodic and relieves body aches.


A Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Please contact your Ayurvedic Physician for more information.

Information on this website is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professionals.

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