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Body needs certain chemicals, which are stable and unstable. In the unstable group, some vitamins are present, whereas, in the stable group, certain elements like Zinc, Iron, Calcium etc., are included. Vitamins are required from time to time, which are available in vegetables and other edibles. Though they are available in sufficient quantities, if the absorption of Vitamins in our body is poor, it causes Vitamin deficiency, which is the main cause of reduced immunity.

Looking into these conditions, Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy determined to introduce "Rasayana" and "Vijikarana" concept into the medical practitioners' field and introduced N.J. Forte in capsules form to improve the absorption of Vitamins and raise immunity.

N.J. Forte is a combination of 34 time tested, result oriented ingredients to bring a new life to the fatigued cells. It is a tonic for general debility and is indicated after 16 years of age. It improves the absorption of Vitamins and other nutritives required by the body. It is designed for improving the vitality of an individual. It helps in raising the resistance against diseases. It enhances libido and it is a Rasayana and Vajikarana.

"Rasayana" comprising of two words - "Rasa" and "Ayana". Rasa means nutritive fluids and Ayana means channels, which are spread extensively, throughout the body, including the cells. Thus, Rasayana means the drug that allows the flow of nutritive fluid through the channels to reach the cell and its components without any obstruction.

The other interesting activity of the drugs mentioned in Ayurveda is "Vajikarana", "Vaji" means Horse and "Karana" means increasing the capability. Thus, Vajikarana means increasing the capability of a person like Horse in all angles, including sex.

Makaradhwaja: When taken regularly, it is a wonderful tonic that increases the longevity of the patient. In failing circulation and in Cardiac asthenia, it is a sovereign remedy. It is also used as a laxative with good result. As an intestinal antiseptic, it is said to be of great utility and is supposed to relieve the gaseous distention of the bowels due to fermentation.

Loh Bhasma: It alters the unhealthy condition of blood forming organs. It is an astringent, restorative and haemostatic in action.

Shilajit: The ancient medical scientist Acharya Charaka said, "There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of Shilajit". It is specially employed in genito urinary diseases, diabetics, gall stones, jaundice, enlarged spleen, fermentative dyspepsia, worms, piles, digestive problems, nervous diseases etc.

Shuddha Vishatinduk: Is a nervine stimulant, indicated in gastro intestinal disorders and is also a sex tonic

Ashwagandha: It is a nervine tonic, aphrodisiac, mild sedative and induces resistance against stress. 

Erandomool: These are the best aphrodisiacs (Vajikarana drugs) that increase the semen quantity. It acts as a tonic for genital system.

Some of the other ingredients are Shweta musli, Salam Punja, Salam Mishri, Shatavari, Rumi Mastagi, Akarkara, Konch Beej.

One or two capsules twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician.

30 Tablets & 1000 Tablets

Geriatic, Aphrodisiac, Rasayana, Vajikarana, Vyadhi Nirodhak, Shaktivardhak.


  • It Enhances desire and improves performance
  • Improves sperm count and the quality and quantity of semen
  • Helpful in sexual weakness
  • Helps in premature ejaculation
  • It is useful in loss of stamina and vitality
  • Rectifies loss of libido and corrects erectile dysfunction
  • It is safe for long term use without any side effects.


A Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Please contact your Ayurvedic Physician for more information.

Information on this website is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professionals.

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