Research & Development

Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy has identified R & D as the major focus area for growth plans of the future. We believe that Ayurved can offer unique solutions to the health problems faced by today's fast changing world. 

The answer to the future of Ayurved lies in the colossal shift of people around the world towards the great knowledge of Ayurved. Some of the prominent personalities from around world are already using Ayurved as main line of treatment. Few countries of the west have institutionalized this 5,000 year old medicine from india, by recognizing it as an official system of medicine.


The world at large is now realizing the significance of holistic approach of Ayurved. It has taken notice of  tremendous healing power of Ayurvedic formulations which are all natural. Scholars of Western medicine are turning towards Ayurved with great hope and expectations to seek answers to the questions still unanswered by Modern medicine. Our R & D team is working tirelessly to fulfill these ever increasing expectations.


Our team is engaged in the study of ancient scriptures for developing the new formulae and perfecting the products in the light of modern scientific knowledge.

  • We have been accredited with a GMP & ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
  • We have been certified by SMERA rating Agency (D&B).
  • We are also active members of FAPCCI, ADMA & Pharmexcil.
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